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Working to modernize your on-campus programmes. Try our cloud based course management system to: Automate grading, course feedback system and empower your distance learning programmes.

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Spending a lot of time managing your reports, practice material, research papers and rough sheets etc. We have a solution for you. For demo:
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Calculus Textbook
The SOWISO Digital Mathematics Courses we provide are the successor to the paper textbook and offer a true personalized e-learning experience.

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Price: 1500 INR
Advanced Authoring Platform
The authoring platform for the exact sciences allows educational institutions to create their own interactive and personalized e-learning content.

Riyaaz offers support and other authoring services.

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Price: 1000 INR
A Visual story of Cryptography
Customize SAGE Cloud Setup
Simulation Models using WSM

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We have developed an app integrating the technology of SAGEMATH and SILK. Through this app you can read and explore dynamic content through advance interactive features.

Even the mathematical interactivity is possible. If you are a researcher or business analyst this app will come very handy to explore advance concepts through an easy to use mobile application.

We just built a prototype of it and encourage you to provide us with your feedback.

Riyaaz Store

At Riyaaz we will be developing interactive digital content for the exact sciences, using the semantic web technology of SOWISO.

The SOWISO authoring environment has a rich set of features enabling content developers to integrate dynamic content at one place.
The most important feature of the environment is the ability for users to input open answers and formula along with positive/negative feedback.

Furthermore, at Riyaaz we will develop the content using technology of SAGE.